Paris Property Options - The Best Property Finding Service in Paris


We make a charge for our services of 3% of the price of the property you decide to buy through us, with a minimum charge of £1,500 on any property up to £50,000. There are no hidden charges. In particular, we are VAT-exempt, and therefore there is no VAT to be added to our fees.

Normally, when you instruct us to make an active search for your property, usually about a month or two before you are ready to buy it, we ask for a deposit of one-third of our estimated fee (1% of the estimated purchase price). So for example, if your budget is £200,000, we will ask for a refundable deposit of £2,000 – giving you full access to all of our services. However, for a limited period and in recognition of the current difficult economic climate, we are prepared to accept a "holding deposit" of only £100 (or $200 or 200€), upon receipt of which we will take your detailed instructions and start our search for your ideal apartment.

The balance (to make up 3% of the actual purchase price) is due only when the purchase has been completed.

Please note that we do not take on a commission to find a property unless we are sure that we can fulfil our part of the contract. Our commitment will continue until we succeed in finding the property that you personally choose to buy.

We recommend that you should use our services only when you are sure that you will go through with your proposed purchase when you see the property that meets your requirements.


Our Guarantee is very simple: if after six months from accepting your commission we cannot find a property that meets your agreed specification, we will refund your deposit or, at your option, continue our search until we do.


You should be aware that Parisian estate agents charge between 7-10% for their service: this forms part of the price that you see in their window – and that therefore YOU will end up paying. Also, agents often cover only a very small area, and will encourage you to see anything that they have on their books which even vaguely resembles your requirements, in the hope you will be tempted into buying it. Many of our clients have found this an extremely costly and frustrating experience. If you live in the UK it is impractical to keep paying for unsatisfactory property-viewing trips. With our service, we can not only save you the estate agent’s fee but also do all the legwork for you, viewing a number of flats on your behalf and sending you just details of the best.

Because of the high estate agent’s fees, about 65% of properties sold in Paris are through the private-sales route. By using our service, you can access the private sellers which we find through local contacts and this is the reason you will notice that the prices of apartments in our free Paris Property Bulletin are noticeably lower than those advertised by estate agents. Another good reason for using our service. Our previous customers agree!