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As always, there is a balance between position, size and type of accommodation, and price; and it is for you to decide on this balance before we can start our search. Paris itself (that is, the area inside the “Périphérique” or Paris Ring Road) is divided into 20 administrative districts known as “arrondissements” which are numbered outwards from the centre in a kind of spiral. The character of each arrondissement varies considerably (and quite often within a given arrondissement – e.g. the north and the south of the 17th). We are happy to advise clients on the nature and character of each arrondissement, and make recommendations about which might suit you and also which areas we suggest you avoid.


This map shows you the 20 areas that Paris is divided into, and is the starting point of our discussions. To help you start to narrow things down, do ask us to email you our free ‘Guide to Paris Arrondissements’ which describes the character of each area. You would also be wise to begin looking at the properties in our Paris Property Bulletin to give you some idea of the market and what is available. This is a totally free service and you can unsubscribe at any time you wish. We know it can take a year or more to make a decision, and the Bulletin shows you how property prices are moving, helping you to invest wisely and stay in touch with the market.